Tuck’s St. Aly

Tucks St. Aly - Feb 2010

Tuck's St. Aly has been with Alex for a year now. He is fitting right into his new life in Texas and he even has a special companion besides Alex.

Tucks St. Aly 20090602

Tucks St. Aly learns about the West Texas landscape and critters.

Tucks St Aly 20090412

Tucks St. Aly talks about life in Texas.

Tucks St Aly 20090411

Tucks St. Aly wears camo and does sneak carrot attacks on mom's office.

Tucks St. Aly Feb. 2009

Photos of Tucks St. Aly and Alex Kemper's first meeting at Bits & Bytes Farm and their first ride, first canter and first jumps.