Two Years Off-the-Track! Dr. Kenny Winn

Two years….wow! It’s been an amazing and satisfying journey thus far! And, what can I say that I haven’t said already about this wonderful horse?

In the two years since Dr. Kenny Winn aka “Kwinn” joined our family, he’s had numerous transitions – three barns, three trainers, and many new horse friends and routines to adjust to. But, the one thing that he has always been able to count on has been my presence in his life. I’ve learned just how important that is to these horses as I’ve helped him adjust to each new transition. You can see it in his eyes when I’m with him. He knows he is safe with me, he counts on me to be there for him and help him through each new chapter. And, he’s helped me too!

I got back into riding as a way to relax and relieve stress. Along the way, I’ve been transported back in time to relive some wonderful memories…..getting my first pony, my first show horse, my first win…you get the picture. I’ve loved every minute of my trip down memory lane.

With Kwinn, I’m making new memories. Sharing my love of horses with my boys is a highlight for me. But, learning to ride dressage, learning about OTTBs and with Kwinn’s help, teaching others about these wonderful horses. Kwinn and I have really become partners this year. We’ve both come a long way and have done a lot of re-work to get back on track with our training.

Groundwork became necessary and an important way to re-establish me as the leader. All that work has paid off! Riding him is such a pleasure. Anyone who works with him, loves him! They love working with him on the ground or riding him. He’s so trustworthy that I can let Noah (my young son) lead him around without worrying that Kwinn will take off, or run over him.

Kwinn needs for his mind to stay busy. Even when riding you need to mix it up a bit. He gets terribly bored just going around the ring. Tight circles, figure eights, a few poles to trot over and he’s a happy guy. In a few weeks we are going to start trot work in the field to help build him back up.

I’m attaching a few pictures of Kwinn working in the round pen – free lunging with no halter. Isn’t he gorgeous??

All best, Ronni and Kwinn