Who’s Cindy Sue is Now 17 Hands!


Hi Elizabeth,

I wanted to let you know how Who’s Cindy Sue aka Quinn is doing, it has been awhile. We had a great summer this past year, we went to many schooling events at the elementary level and Quinn did fantastic. She is very willing to run and jump high, so we have been focusing more on our dressage these last few months.  We both went away to “dressage reform school” in September. I scraped some money together and sent her to a dressage trainer in Massachusetts where she got some training and I got some much needed lessons.  I think that was the best thing we could have done, because I now understand more and have more tools under my belt to help her along with relaxation, topline building, and teaching her to be on the aids. It was a hard thing to abandon much of what I thought was correct and learn a different way, but the results are amazing. We are bracing for another snow/ice storm tonight and I just went through some pictures from this past summer and it is making me dream of this summer coming. I can’t wait to get back outside in the warm sunshine! We are planning our horse trial season and I think it is going to be a good one. I plan to start at Elementary and have her move up to Beginner Novice towards the end of summer.  The dressage is the rate limiting step however….we’ll see how it goes.

Quinn is absolutely beautiful: tall and lean, she floats over the ground with such a huge stride. She still has such a sweet demeanor, I was afraid she would grow out of it, but I think that personality trait is here to stay.  I believe she has finally stopped growing upwards and is now growing outwards.  She just turned 5 on January 4th, she now stands at 17 hands and weighs just about 1100 pounds.  Can you believe we started at 16.2 and 975 pounds in July of 2009?  She is happy and very healthy and I am thankful for having her in my life everyday!  Hope all is well in Georgia, stay warm!

Rebecca Austin