Who’s Trainin’ Who?

I just wanted to tell you that Vilas County is doing great. His dressage training improved a lot over the last weeks, but we are still miles away from competing. I attached you a free jumping video that I took yesterday. He really shows some good potential for becoming a great jumper. That was only his 3rd time free jumping. He seems to really have fun.

Let me know what you think.
I will keep you updated about his progress.
Best wishes,
Katharina and Vilas
Katharina is an experience rider and trainer from Germany and she knows the importance of bringing a horse along slowly. Free jumping is a great way to for a horse learn how to jump –  without the interference of a rider. You can see that Vilas County trusts her and enjoys being with her. We look forward to lots of great stories from this pair. Just look at how he bascules over the fence and tucks his knees. Katharina better worry if he gets as good with that whip! Be sure to watch the whole video. What a character!