Whozierhurry – The Mexican Jumping Horse!

I am so sorry I didnt meet up with you in Boston. As it turned out I did not go to Equine Affaire for work reasons….I was finishing up my final weeks with my current company and was finalizing the details of my new role with Schleese Saddlery! I am not sure if you have ever heard of Schleese, but I am so excited to work with them! (www.Schleese.com) ANYWAY, the reason why I am emailing is that my friend posted a video of “Who” jumping 1m (3’3″).

As I have said before, they love him and he has found a forever home in their barn! I will be in Mexico in a few weeks and will take some pictures myself…doesnt “Who” look fantastic? He is 17h, black and shiny, with a tail that touches the ground. He is SUPER quiet.

Laura Southard

Elizabeth’s Note: Whozierhurry was our first International sale. He was resold when his owner moved back to the United States. “Who” is doing very well as a jumper in Mexico and it looks like he may have found a forever home! That is always our goal when placing these wonderful ex-race horses.