Happy Birthday to Alex and Tucks St. Aly!

Happy Birthday to Alex and Aly from all your “Friends at Bits & Bytes Farm”. The “A Team” shares a birthday as well. Alex knew they were meant to be a team when she saw they shared the same birthdate. Click on the YouTube video above for their birthday song.

The "A Team" shares the same birthday!

Read the story of Tuck’s St. Aly’s birth and see his baby photos on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.

Dear Alex and Aly,
Happy birthday to you both!!! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences together while visiting Bits &Bytes. I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories. It’s brought back so many wonderful memories for me! Have a great birthday and I look forward to following the future successes of the ‘A Team’!

All best,
Ronni and Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn)


Please give Alex and Aly our warmest wishes for a perfect birthday, despite the rain. I feel truly honored to be a participant in Alex’s journey with her 4-legged soul mate. She is a rare and beautiful human being who exudes confidence and wisdom well beyond her 18 years. I think we have all been blessed to spend time with such a strong, resilient, loving, remarkable woman. I have no doubt the “A Team” is going places. I look forward to following their journey for many years to come.
Alex, we wish you only the most wonderful things this life has to offer… you deserve that and SO much more.

With loving hearts,
Missy and Stevie Loverboy
Alex and Aly,

I hope you are having a great birthday! I loved watching the two of you canter for the first time this week! Elizabeth had a big smile on her face..looking like “the proud Mom” of the two of you! The two of you look as if you were made for each other. I know Aly is happy to have a forever home!

I hate that I have been “under the weather” since your arrival and have not been able to share a ride on Hollywood with the two of you! Our one year anniversary was this month.

We expect many photos and updates when you get back to Texas!

I will see ya this weekend before you go!

Happy Day,
Cheri & Hollywood Vic


Happy Birthday to the “A team”!!
What a wonderful way to spend your birthday week, getting to know YOUR horse! I know this is something you’ve dreamed of Alex, as I did as a girl, and I’m so glad it’s coming true for you, and with a horse as wonderful as Tuck’s St. Aly. I know he will be an incredible companion and friend for many years to come. I’ve really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you a little, watching your progress with Aly. You better give us frequent updates, we want to hear EVERYTHING after you leave. I know Elizabeth and Barry must feel like they’ve got an adopted daughter now, so please send lots and lots of news. It’s just going to get better and better as you get stronger and know Aly better. Hope to see you tomorrow and share some cake!

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm”, Andie K.