Icy Event – New Home, New Friends, New “Freedoms”

Icy spent the night in the stall and cleaned up every bite of hay. I put him back in the same pasture this morning and put Coin in with him. They said hello and started eating grass like they’d been best friends forever. It was so nice. Thanks for helping get him to us (and for helping all those other horses, too).

Later in the afternoon – another update on Icy:

When I got home, I didn’t see Icy and Coin in the pasture, and when I got farther down the driveway I saw why. Apparently, the horses staged a “free Icy” campaign and popped the electric fence off its’ posts. They were all grazing happily together, so they made the whole get-acquainted process quick and easy. Our little Appy mare has glued herself to him, and he lets her eat out of the same feed dish he does.