“Kwinn” and Ronni Send Kudos for Canters

Oh how exciting to read Cheri’s success story and see her smiling face while she was cantering Vic! Simply AWESOME! I thoroughly enjoyed reading how excited she is to have her sweet boy in her life! My best to them!

And, I just had to let you know that Noah was very excited to read his story on the OTTB Success Stories Mission page! We took time over the weekend to look at all the OTTB’s who have found homes with your help. He insisted on seeing every horse and hearing their story! We managed to get through quite a few of them over the weekend.

I just checked out Melanie’s canter news! That’s just fantastic for she and Bubba! It’s great to see us non 20-somethings having such an awesome time getting reacquainted with our love of horses and riding! The goal is for more of us to get into OTTB’s. I never thought I’d have another horse again. And, when it became a reality, I was amazed at how loving, kind, smart and let’s not forget how sane these horses are!

The barn manager here told me yesterday that she’d take ten Kwinn’s any day of the week! She still can’t believe that he’s only eight years old and hasn’t even been off the track two years.