Okay! Okay! :)

It has been a while since I posted a “Bubba” (Lynn’s Vision) update. But I’m so inspired by everyone else’s OTTB stories – I try to quickly post them to share with everyone – so I don’t often have time to post my boast about “Bubs”.

So I’ll start my post with a strong statement – “Bubs” is the best OTTB in the world! Sorry ya’ll. But let me explain.

Every time I ride “Bubba” I am amazed at his gentle disposition and willingness to communicate. Despite coming off the track only five months ago, where he was nick named “Bubba” for being a bit dim when he started training… he’s now a very patient teacher.

We’ve been walking a lot. Walking, bending, walking, bending, stopping, walking, bending. And I’m trying to keep the right about of tension on the reins – to find that spot that is most comfortable for “Bubs”. And it’s a pretty tight rein that he likes. But he still tosses his head. I actually think my hands are a little softer and giving, and some of his tossing is in expectation.

Bubba teaches his mom to be quieter with her hands

Bubba teaches his mom to be quieter with her hands

So today, Elizabeth showed me a technique where I crossed the reins like the jockeys do, took a two point stance, rested my fists on his withers and we started trotting. “Bub’s” head went right down and never moved. We went around the ring several times and through the ground poles. He was steady, his head was quiet and it felt great. It was actually very easy to steer and he was completely responsive.

So I guess my hands still need work. But we’ll ride like this for a while until I am steadier. And hopefully by summer we’ll be ready for our first dressage competition. I don’t care about ribbons but it will make me very pleased to ride past someone and hear them whisper – “look at the easy bend on that Thoroughbred”.


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