Cold Cash was a Prospect Horse For Sale in 2006. He was purchased by Emee Ermel of Houston, TX. Click on the image to see his photo gallery.

I hope that you had great Christmas and New Year’s celebrations! I have been slow to send updates since our December show because Cold Cash aka “Cadence” has been in and out of minor injuries. He has a way of getting more mystery injuries – no matter how many times we “Cadence-proof” his stall and the pastures, he finds a way. I should’ve known that he would be one of those mischievous ones from his former knee injury!

A few days before the December schooling show, he somehow managed to cut his right hind heel. He was sound on it, but it definitely looked like it had to hurt. We played it by ear and the day of the show he was okay, so we went. He was a trooper doing Training Level Four and First Level One. He scored higher (~61%) in the First Level test than the Training Level (~59%). By the second test, his heel was a little sore, but he still showed off in front of everyone. He’s such a special horse. He had a lot of pampering and downtime over the holidays.

Emee Ermel with her off-the-track Thoroughbred - Cold Cash.

Emee Ermel with her off-the-track Thoroughbred - Cold Cash enjoy doing dressage.

Unfortunately, last week, he punctured his left hind leg, so he’s been off for another week. I don’t know how he does it b/c none of the other horses have any issues, but he manages to get himself in weird predicaments. I watched him the other day and of all the routes he could’ve taken to walk around a few trees, he decides to go through them branches and all. A few people have suggested I wrap him in bubble wrap from head to toe – I told him that as long as he does not do anything major to himself, I’m find with his needing to take these mini-vacations.

One of my favorite moments happened just the other day. He was standing in his stall with his head facing towards me. It was unusually quiet outside – you could hear the wind blow and feel such peacefulness in the air. While I was petting his neck, he dropped his head and rested it against my shoulder. He stood there just resting it for about 30 seconds with his head touching the side of my face. It was like he was trying to hug me. It was very special. I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year now that we’ve been together! He’s such a fast learner and he really enjoys dressage. We’re working on shoulder in, half pass, counter canter, and boy does he love to extend his trot. Everyone says it looks like he’s floating!

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