Susy Hller (Tucks St. Alys breeder) with "Aly" and his new mom Alex Kemper. Click on this image to see more photos of their meeting each other for the first time.

I have a hard time calling this a success story; to tell the truth, I have a hard time writing about it at all. Some events feel too sacred to talk about, and my third day with Tucks St. Aly was one such event.

The ride that day was superb, we continued our communication, and I think we are beginning to learn more and more about each other; but the best surprise I have ever had was the great highlight of the day. Who can I think of that I am more indebted to than Aly’s original owner and breeder, the person whose very desire to have him was and is responsible for his existence today.

Elizabeth, Susy, Tucks St. Aly and Alex at Bits & Bytes Farm.

I feel like I am an incredibly lucky person to be almost all healthy again today; I know that I am incredibly fortunate to have found Bits & Bytes Farm and to have such parents as to have been so eager to help me come here and spend time with you great people. But when I met Suzy Hiller I felt something beyond lucky, beyond fortunate. It was pure blessing, truly something that you cannot come in contact with without feeling like ‘how am I ever good enough to have come in touch with an event and people like this.’

None of this week would have happened, the people at B&B farm would not have had the good experiences they have had, and most importantly of all, Aly would not be the seriously unbelievably gentle and sweet tempered horse that he is if God had not made his breeder the deeply kind and caring lady that she is. I feel like I am stepping into a subject that shouldn’t even be talked about, if I try to I won’t give justice to the story, I know it. But only some people know how much my boy means to that dear lady, and I only hope and pray that I can be a good enough mom to him to do her proud and show her that such a love that has gone through from her to him, and that he is choosing to give to me, is something so great that it can and has changed my life as it has, and my simple, but life-time task is to give everything into making his life a giving back of that love from me to him.

Thanks Always,
Aly & Alex (The hero goes first ! )

Tucks St. Aly's breeder, Susy Hiller, surprises Alex with a Aly's baby album and a letter describing his birth and life with Susy.

Susy Hiller (Tucks St. Aly’s breeder) contacted me several years ago when Tucks St. Aly was in need of some TLC and a new home after a disasterous sale. We agreed to bring him to Bits & Bytes Farm and to find him a new mom who would love him forever. We thought we had a match several times but each time God had another plan. Now we know what that plan was. Susy surprised Alex on Thursday with a visit to Bits & Bytes Farm. She came with a photo album of Tucks St. Alys baby photos and a special letter about the night he was born and his earlier trials and tribulations. Susy’s album was a wonderful gift but not as wonderful as her blessing of this union. I feel that this is a match made in heaven! – Elizabeth