Vilas County Jumps for Joy

OTTB Vilas County fearlessly clears his first jumps

OTTB Vilas County fearlessly clears his first jumps

Just wanted to quickly update Vilas training progress. He is doing awesome and I introduced him to his first jumps under saddle and I can tell you he loves it!

This was his first time ever jumping barrels and the tree. We definitely have to improve his technique with a lot of gymnastics but the first headstone is set. He can’t get enough when I jump him; he has so much fun, no fear at all which is really wonderful.

There’s still a long, long way to go but I’m very proud of him and I’m looking forward to working with him.

Katharina and Vilas
P.S. I totally forgot also to tell you that he has no, really no issues to go over my blue tarp, which should serve as a little liverpool.

He totally amazes me with his attitude – never thought but always hoped that he will turn into such a great horse! We build up a lot of confidence in the last months.

Vilas County and Katharina are making progress with their training. Additional photos of their first jumps are available in Vilas County’s photo gallery.

Elizabeth Training Note: I am not surprised that Vilas has no issues. That is a common thread in all the Success Stories. Once they adapt to life off the track and settle in, they are willing partners and enjoy learning new things.