Vilas County Thrives with a New, Exciting Career

OTTB Vilas County takes to his second career with enthusiasm

OTTB Vilas County takes to his second career with enthusiasm

I have pictures from Vilas under saddle. Actually I just started to ride him again beginning of last week.

Since I got him in January he had more or less some time off. He needed to get used to be 24/7 outside, get used to walk on the hilly terrain of our pasture and to learn some ground manners. Sounds weird, but you know better than I that for an OTTB this kind of life is something complete different. I also had the chiropractor there as I told you before and I think she did an amazing job on him.

The time he had off was really helpful for him and his brain – to forget the racetrack and to start a new life with. He now acts like a young boy who wants to get worked and explore the world. He isn’t scared or spooky of anything, which really makes all easier.

I’m very proud of him as he already canters now on the right lead within a couple of days (we don’t get it every time but are working on that) and I can even lunge him both directions (just walk and trot) without any problems.

To teach him easier how to canter on the lunge line we are just building a round pen. Yeaahhh!!!

Elizabeth’s Note: Katharina is an experienced horse trainer. It will be great fun to watch the progress of Vilas County under her expert tutoring. One note – please always wear a helmet! Recently an experienced dressage trainer was found unconscious and later died because of major head trauma. He was alone on the farm, working with a young horse. His death is directly attributed to the fact he was not wearing a helmet. Helmets are not just for jumping. Be ride safely.

Katharina and Vilas County have been a team since January. “Vilas” was a Prospect Horse FOR SALE. Click here to read their other success stories. And to see Vilas County’s pedigree, please click here.

Vilas County has a Photo Gallery.

Vilas County was a Prospect Horse in 2008. He was purchased by Katharina Berner Huenermann of Roopville, GA. Click on this image to see more photos.