Dr. Kenny Winn – Two Years and Goin’ Strong

“Kwinn” is doing amazingly well. I’m so pleased that I found a new rider to help me get him conditioned and trained. She’s a dressage rider, so looks like I’ll be leaning that way; good thing I have a good all purpose saddle!

We’ve done a lot of natural horsemanship techniques with him, and it’s working VERY well. He’s making amazing strides. Of course it helps that he’s intelligent and catches on quickly. Once he knows what is expected, he relaxes.

And, he doesn’t like mindless work. He will lose interest and focus if you just ride him around in the ring at a trot or canter. So, we change it up by asking him for transitions. Seems to keep his mind on you much better.

All best, Ronni

Dressage training is the basis for all training. It teaches the horse to collect and extend and be balanced. A horse that has had dressage training will quickly adjust his stride as the ride adjusts her position. This is helpful in jumping combinations, barrel racing or reining. Dressage is not just for “queens” . . . it is the foundation of classical riding.